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Shower Basins

Natural Stone Shower Receptors
Natural Stone Shower Basins are the most exquisite shower floors available. Get the benefits of a pre-formed shower floor with the luxury of granite, marble and quartz. The ease of installation and simple maintenance of our stone shower receptor, along with the beauty and durability of natural stone makes our basin the perfect choice for your bathroom.

Custom made Natural Stone Shower Basins take average to extraordinary -
• No grout joints
• No mold and mildew
• No maintenance
• Low profile curb
• Will not leak
• Installation is 5 times faster

Choose stone that matches or accents your bathroom finishes; vanities, floors, shower walls and tub decks. You can use granite or marble for more visual movement and variation or a quartz stone for a more consistent appearance. We offer unlimited possibilities. We are happy to discuss your design ideas and stone options in detail.
Natural Stone shower receptors can be manufactured in any size. Custom sizes welcome

Natural Stone shower receptors can be manufactured in any shape.